Who we are?

SAFFRON is a modern provider of IT services. We will create software for you and guarantee its highest quality. If you are looking for people with passion, for whom the client is the highest value and punctuality is a sacred thing – then you are in the right place.


Only the best is good enough.


We do not settle for anything less than perfect. If we take on your project, you may rest assured.


We have developed a bastion aimed at achieving one goal - providing highest quality of service.

Why us?

  • Independence of testing

    The highest level of quality may only be achieved when the testing process is designed and conducted by an independent team of experts. Sharing responsibility allows for a more objective insight, increasing the level of confidence in the software.

  • Security is the key

    We advise, plan and support the process of preparation for ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 audits. Our team includes leading auditors, as well as CEH, CompTIA Security+ and CISSP certified testers.

  • Certified and experienced team

    SAFFRON is all about people passionate about testing. We operate in compliance with the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Software Testing Standard and cooperate with many organizations which support software testers’ training.

  • Broad spectrum of devices

    We conduct tests on a wide variety of mobile devices, internet browsers and operating systems. We are up to date with all latest technologies and we regularly update all software versions, actively testing them before they are even released to the market.

  • Certification

    Based on knowledge and many years of experience, we guarantee thoroughness of our services. We assure the highest quality of services by issuing an appropriate certificate and sealing it with our logo.

  • Broad scope of tests

    Quality does not only consist of locating issues. It is mainly created thorough reliability, functionality, usability and security of the created software. Our testers pay great attention to all these main attributes of quality and much more.

Our services

Welcome to the full portfolio of our services. Based on the delivered specification, we always adjust our offer to individual requirements of our Customers, supporting the process of tests’ scope creation and quality control management.


Whether on the basis of drafted test scenarios, or using the exploration method, tests will confirm if the delivered software works in accordance with the functional specification description (verification) and if it fulfills the needs and user's requirements (validation). They will provide the answer to the question on how to conduct the defined actions in a coherent and logical manner.


Automation tests allow to greatly reduce the time and resources needed to conduct long-term projects in which some stages of testing, such as regression, are defined and repeatable. They supplement manual testing, eliminating potential human mistakes. Additionally, they allow for constant quality control and maintain the integrity of the code in further stages of product development.


We confront the project and solutions included in the applications with the latest trends and establish the potential attractiveness of the product from the perspective of the dedicated group of users. We investigate the intuitiveness of interactions, logic and coherence of design against the user's context, meeting points and potential usage scenarios. We provoke the final experience to be as positive as possible.


The wide range of mobile devices allows to conduct tests on versions of operation systems and browsers indicated in the specification. Verification is not only about checking the correctness of functioning, but also about the correctness of application's installation, display and scaling of various elements of the interface depending on the screen's resolution.


These test are to establish, if the infrastructure complies with the requirements included in the technical specification, and if the efficiency is proper for the assumed system load. They allow for verification of the system's performance during occurrence of critical errors and emergency modes, as well as establishing the location of potential memory leaks.


The aim of these tests is to establish any vulnerabilities within the software that could potentially lead to security issues such as: unauthorized access, resource takeover or data theft. Penetration tests and network analysis allow to eliminate external threats, and therefore, assure the stability of the system and data integrity.


A wide-spread network of testers allows for performance of efficient tests over a very short period of time. The testing team should closely resemble the target user group along with its characteristic features and needs. This leads to elimination of technical errors, but also gives the opportunity to verify the assumptions and user behaviors.

Workflow implementation

Workflow guarantees implementation of all tasks, as well as elimination of mistakes connected with their wrong sequencing. We efficiently implement workflow solutions. Our Customers are very pleased with our solutions for document paths estimation.

Creation of reports

If you cannot measure something, you are also unable to manage it efficiently. We provide services allowing for creation of statistical reports on the basis of data provided by the Customer in various modes and views of presentation.

Content management

Our services include editing of contents on the website. These changes are performed with the use of dedicated content management systems (CMS).

Image verification

In order to assure the highest quality, we have created a tool that verifies authenticity (lack of manipulation) of attached graphic files.

Records transcription

We also offer transcript of both audio and video files. We cooperate with translators, assuring professional quality of transcripts in multiple languages.

Security administration

IT Systems, that process sensitive data, including personal data, must comply with a series of technical requirements described in legal acts. We will check the compliancy of processed data against the requirements of the standards. On the basis of testing and thorough analysis, we will verify the compliance of used standards and security policies.

Security audits

We support preparation, implementation and management of risks connected with data security systems. We implement policies and procedures that guarantee elimination of risks connected with security. We also check compliance with these regulations during internal audits within organizations. We prepare companies for ISO 27001 audit and ISAE 3402 report.

vulnerabity scan

The aim of this service is to investigate the technical aspects of IT infrastructure and software security. Vulnerability scan allows to control the risk connected with vulnerabilities and react in advance to introduce changes within the key systems. Our test are adjusted to the individual needs of Customers and their businesses.

Trusted us

Meet our Customers. Companies, which care about quality.

The willingness to make use of technological solutions, the broad IT
knowledge of the team members, as well as their commitment, enabled recommending
SAFFRON as a reliable quality center.

– Piotr Rocławski, Yetiz CEO


What can we test for you?

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